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Posted by John Foster on October 23, 2010 at 5:20 PM

Did you know that milk sold in the supermarkets is homogenised?  This is a mechanical process used to break down the particles of fat in the milk so that they are evenly spread and no natural separation of the cream occurs.  This is done because the supermarkets think that their consumers do not want to see the cream line it is also done to standardise the flavour (obviously the milk they sell is collected from lots of farms and the taste will vary from farm to farm).


We do not homogenise.  The cream will naturally seperate and rise to the top of our milk - just give your milk a shake when you take it out of the fridge (make sure the top is secure!!)  


Dont confuse homgenisation with pasteurisation.   Our milk is pastuerised to kill off any harmful bacteria - this is a legal requirement for milk sold in shops. 


We are also fully licensed to sell raw milk - if you would prefer your milk just filtered and chilled straight from the cow.


For more information watch Jimmy's Farm on the BBC







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